Happy Mother's Day

Bonding Through Generations

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we wanted to celebrate this special occasion with a campaign that involved not just mothers, but grandmothers too! We invited a group of grandmothers to participate in a photoshoot with their grandbabies, and the results were nothing short of heartwarming.

It was more than just a shoot. It was an experience that captured the hearts of everyone there that day. Grandmothers shared their own experiences of motherhood, and what it's like to watch their own daughters now mothering their children. They spoke of the joy and pride they feel watching their daughters grow into strong and loving mothers, and the special connection they have with their grandchildren.

They spoke of the comfort and closeness they felt while carrying their grandchildren, and the ease with which they were able to continue their daily tasks. Through the practice of babywearing, no matter if you're the parent or grandparent, the intimate, immediate connection is deeply felt.  

One grandmother shared her experience of babywearing and how much closer she felt to her grandchild. She mentioned, “now I know why my daughter likes to wear her babies so much. There’s nothing like the feeling of having them so close and hugged to your chest and this product makes it so easy.”

Another grandmother, spoke of the bond that she has with her daughter and to watch her now with her own baby, she hopes she can create the same kind of relationship and bond that they have. 

At Lalabu, we believe that babywearing is more than just a practical tool, it's a way to create a long-lasting connection and bond with our little ones while still doing the things we love. 

Through this Mother's Day campaign, we wanted to celebrate the connection between grandmothers, mothers, and their little ones. It's a connection that spans time and generations, and it's something that we should all cherish and celebrate.

So this Mother's Day, whether you're a mother, grandmother, or both, take a moment to reflect on the connection and bond that you have with your loved ones. And if you haven't tried babywearing yet, we got you! We have made it our mission to simplify babywearing so that you feel confident in wearing your baby.  

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