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The Dad Shirt

The Best Gift for New Dads

Looks like a tee, performs like a carrier.

“a godsend for the busy new dad who needs to be hands-free”

"this baby carrier shirt is perfect for the new dad!"

“The t-shirt is comfortable for you and the baby: a win-win scenario here.”

“For the new dad who likes to hold the baby close"

Introducing the Lalabu simple wrap

Cozy wrap, simplified.

We uncomplicated the cozy wrap. This will be your go-to carrier.

"I have a couple different carriers and this is our favorite! I love how comfy and stylish it is. It also folds into a pouch so it's perfect for on the go and traveling. My baby falls asleep instantly and she doesn't get hot. I definitely recommended this carrier to my soon to be mama friends!"

– Laurie S.

It's been the only one that doesn't hurt my back, it's simple to use, soft, and baby loves it!

– Kirsten W

I’ve tried so many carriers and this one is amazing, it’s a perfect cross between a wrap and structured carrier. It’s definitely a must have and I highly recommend them to my mom friends!

– Brittany S.

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