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Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray
Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray
Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray
Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray

Soothe Shirt® Simple Gray

$69.95 USD $75.00 USD

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    Why The Soothe Shirt
    Don’t worry, Mama — Babywearing your newborn doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming! That’s why we made the Soothe Shirt just for you. The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is a babywearing tank with built-in nursing bra for mom and cozy carrying pouch for baby. It includes an inner mesh panel for breathability, an adjustable head support and pouch extender, and a softer-than-ever bra panel for all day comfort. The Soothe Shirt is available in Pure Black, Simple Gray, and other limited edition styles. Made in the U.S.A.

    How It Works
    When designing the Soothe Shirt, we were very intentional about making sure it met the needs of the newborn - to be close and secure to their mom in a position that's best for their growing body. Because of that, babies need to be upright facing toward the mom while in the pouch (tummy to tummy). The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. You can wear it as a nursing tank daily the entire time you breastfeed. For many mamas, that's a year or more!

    How to Wear
    The Soothe Shirt is perfect for layering in all seasons! Simply step into your Lalabu Soothe Shirt to put it on. You do not need to wear a separate bra as the Soothe Shirt features a built-in nursing bra and support panel for breastfeeding. Once you are comfortable, pick up your baby and place them in the pouch of the Soothe Shirt. Your little one’s legs should be frogged beneath their bottom. If needed, pull up the pouch extender panel around baby’s shoulders. 

    Fabric Composition
    Polyester // Rayon // Spandex blend.  The nursing bra panel is created from a super soft custom modal jersey.

    Available in Pure BlackSimple Gray, and Limited Edition Serene Green.

    Why Purchase Direct on Lalabu.com?
    We are a small business founded by husband and wife team Brian and Keri. We offer exclusive sales and discounts to our website customers, Right Size Guarantee with 6 months to make exchanges, and Customer Happiness Team support!

  • ✨Right Size Guarantee✨
    Exchange sizes for up to 6 months

    Check out our "Three Steps to Great Fit" video and the sizing chart below. You can visit our full, in-depth sizing guide here.  Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team if you're unsure.  We're here to help!

    Soothe Shirt Sizing Guide

    • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch
    • Baby's head should be above your breasts and high enough for you to kiss
    • If it’s snug and comfy on mom after delivery, it’s the best size!

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  • How We Got Our Start
    We fell in love with babywearing while visiting family in Burkina Faso. Once home, we found that many parents feel intimidated to babywear themselves. So we created a new solution that is easy to use by anyone, anywhere.

    Brian and Keri Lalabu Founders
    Brian and Keri, Lalabu Founders

    What Makes Our Products Unique
    Lalabu is reinventing babywearing with innovative, simple solutions for all parents. The Soothe Shirt and Dad Shirt are the easiest way to hold your newborn. The easier it is to hold your baby, the more you can enjoy being together.

    Why We Love What We Do
    We’re changing the world, one family at a time. Babywearing increases the parent-child bond and puts babies in a safe environment that reduces crying, increases rest, and helps children develop. We also love giving 2% of profits to help families.

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    Duties and Customs
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Soothe Shirt® Features

Soothes Your Newborn
Soothes Your Newborn
Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns

Built-in Nursing Bra
Built-In Nursing Bra
Two absorbent fabric layers for convenient breastfeeding

Safely Supports Baby
Safely Supports Baby
Our custom made fabric, pouch extender and head support panel provide extra support to safely support your little one up to 15 lbs

Breathable Material
Breathable Material
The mesh panel inside the pouch keep mom and baby from overheating and allows for heat transfer

Have Questions?
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Customer Reviews

Based on 485 reviews

I love this shirt! With a little one on the way and a 2 year old that I will be chasing around this will make my life that much easier in those early days! I can't wait to start using!

life saver

With a preemie and a toddler, this shirt has saved my sanity. Its very high quality material. I was happy when I first put my 3 week old in the shirt and I knew she was secure and happy in there. She falls fast asleep. It's great for babies with reflux or needs to be upright after eating. Hands free way to keep them safe and happy. I'm ordering a few more for sure!!

Love it!

I saw this before I gave birth and contemplated buying it. I didn’t because the price. After I had my baby, I found I needed something to carry him in. Other conventional carries seemed complicated. I broke down and orders this. I wish I had it from day one. I love this shirt! It’s comfy, provides support and being able to carry your little one is amazing. He loves it and falls asleep in it. The bonus is being able to nurse him while he is in it. It does take a bit of getting used to maneuvering your baby in but once you do it’s easy. I would definitely recommend this. Great quality and perfect for baby.

Baby girl loves it!

So helpful with getting things done around the house seeing as my LO loves to be held.. highly recommend!

Great shirt!

This shirt is great for carrying the baby around the house, especially when I need a hand free. I would recommend this item for new moms!

LOVE the soothe shirt!

This shirt has been so amazing for me! I am able to wear my 3 week old and still be able to do all the things my 2 year old wants to do! The best item you can have to multitask!

Perfect for Gassy Baby

My little guy dealt with colic/gas worse than I've ever seen his first 12 weeks. Both my husband and I relied on our shirts to calm him-I know my son truly felt like he was at home in Mommy’s womb. I would wear my tank over and over and over again. The quality is so great, thick and flattering as well! Win, win!

Favorite gift

I received this as a gift from my husband and it is my favorite shirt to wear. My newborn fits perfectly. It gives me the ability to comfort my son while having my hands free. Also good for breastfeeding in as the shoulders can be pulled to the side.


I ordered two of these shirts based off of a recommendation and I am so happy I did. Fantastic idea, especially with a two year old running around! Even with sizing up one size, they are still a bit tight. I may order another two sizes up for these first couple of months when my bra size exponentially increased and then keep the smaller ones for a few months down the line.

Thanks Diane! For those about to purchase, please check lalabu.com/sizing to see our complete size guide. Soothe Shirt sizing is based on your current bust measurements rather than your 'normal size'. Due to nursing, you're likely to order a larger size than usual. Our sizing guide gives examples of moms for each of our shirt sizes. I hope that helps!
Soothe Shirt Excellent

I purchased this shirt as a gift for someone, the sizes did run a little small so we had to do a return and repurchase in a medium but once they had it they thought it was excellent. Material is great, soft and fitted at the same time. Baby seemed quite comfy in the pouch! Have already ordered one for someone else and the men’s version as well!