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Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black
Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black Soothe Shirt® Pure Black

Soothe Shirt® Pure Black

$75.00 USD

A stylish and innovative all-in-one babywearing shirt that’s both a nursing tank for mom and a cozy carrying pouch for baby — made in the USA.

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Soothe Shirt features include:

Shirt Features

  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns 
  • Built-in nursing bra makes breastfeeding convenient 
  • Inner mesh panel provides cool breathability 
  • Pouch extender grows with baby
  • Our custom-designed soft and secure fabric
  • Made in the USA

Nursing Bra Tidbits

  • No need to wear a separate bra 
  • Two absorbent fabric layers for extra coverage 
  • Stretchy bra panels for sizing flexibility
  • No clips, just slide panels to the side to breastfeed
  • Soft elastic band provides support
  • Shirt covers stomach and back while nursing

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  2. Browse through our frequently asked questions with Keri, where one of our founders answers common questions from moms.
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Check out our "Three Steps to Great Fit" video and the sizing charts below. You can visit our full, in-depth sizing guide here.  Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team if you're unsure.  We're here to help!

Soothe Shirts
Soothe Shirt Sizing Guide

  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch
  • Baby's head should be above your breasts and high enough for you to kiss
  • If it’s snug and comfy on mom after delivery, it’s the best size! 


Dad Shirts
Dad Shirts Sizing

  • Expect a snug fit for a secure pouch
  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch
  • Baby's head should be above your chest and high enough for you to kiss


Leggings Sizing Guide

  • If you're pregnant select your size based on hip measurement alone (make sure you measure your hips under your belly)
  • If you've already had your baby select your size based on both hip and waist measurements


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Customer Reviews

Based on 240 reviews

I love it!! Wish I could afford another one.


Loved the idea. Ordered off of the sizing chart provided but unfortunately still didn't fit properly. I would recommend sizing up one size when your baby is 0-3 months old.

Had a c section 6 days ago - amazing!!

I bought this because I loved the idea of my baby being on me when I had him.. I purchased this and today was our first outing.. let's just say I am going to buy another one today! I have a c-section 6 days ago and just got release from the hospital 3.. I went to run errands with my husband to get us out of the house and thought I'd wear my sooth shirt.. it was amazing!! Baby was sleeping in car seat and went straight into the shirt and was out for our whole trip to target which was about an hour. Not a peep! He loved it! It was better than him in a stroller or even keeping him in the car seat. I got a large and it fit perfect. I was scared it would hurt my incision where my surgery was but it's not even close to hit it! I highly recommend and like I said.. I'm going after this review to buy more lol

Great Concept

The lalabu shirt is pretty awesome for carrying around my newborn, however be careful with the sizing! I took my measurements during pregnancy according to the chart and was borderline XS and S so I ordered the small. This made sense to me as pre pregnancy I was a size 3. Post pregnancy, even though I dropped down to a size 5 within days after birth, my boobs were so huge and the waist of the shirt so tight the small wouldnt fit me- forget getting my baby in! I traded for a medium, but still find the fit to be very snug- at least my baby fits in it, though I don't know for how much longer. I love the concept and I'm glad I have one but I would say that for anyone looking to be dressing comfortably postpartum, this shirt is tight! I also have received some negative feedback while using the shirt to run errands. The general public has either loved the look of the shirt and asked me where to buy it OR has expressed their negative opinion on how unsafe a shirt like that must be to be carrying a newborn around which has made for some frustrating grocery store runs. I also wish the shirt was just a bit cheaper so I could afford to buy at least one more in another color for variety.

Excited about my shirt!

My little one isn't due for a few more weeks so I have yet to try it out with a baby, but I am impressed with the quality and great fit of the shirt and can't wait to use it. A friend recommended buying one and said she used it almost every time she took her little one out!