Lo Beeston x Lalabu

Lo + Tanner Beeston

We traveled to Oahu, Hawaii to visit Lauren and Tanner Beeston. Lo and Tanner are widely known in the Instagram and Tiktok space. We were greeted at the door by Ozzy, a spunky 3 year old in a sundress.  She quickly wanted to show off her Barbies and begged for fruit snacks that she and her little sister Stella could share. 

Their home was Hawaiian through and through, close to the beach, warm and inviting. Lo and Tanner made us feel welcome and comfortable as we showed her the Lalabu Simple Wrap and how to use it.  She immediately fell in love with it. 

“I don’t ever get to hold her like this anymore.” Lo said with nostalgia in her eyes and voice. “The wrap feels like I’m not wearing anything, it’s so comfortable, it’s like a hug around us and I really love it.”  


I was so curious about their beliefs around parenting and also their urge to quit their jobs and pursue content creation full time. I had to ask about this. What gave them confidence to do it? 

“We have the most supportive families ever, but we really had to prove ourselves in the beginning.  We decided we’re doing the next thing that feels right and that was quitting our jobs and moving to Hawaii to be full time content creators.  It was a shock, but everyone is so excited for us now.”

The Beestons are truly such a vibe in their attitudes and parenting style. They are loved for that online and I wanted to know what they hoped their children would learn from them. 

“I hope they get Lauren’s vibrance for life.  Where every moment is just the greatest. I hope they're able to take that and put that into life wherever they go. When people are around Laren, they are just happier.”  

We decided to head out to the beach so Ozzy could show off her surfing skills.  Within a few minutes we walked up to the stunning Hawaiian coastline and immediately understood their vision for being on this island. Who wouldn’t want to raise their babies here? 

Ozzy jumped onto her coral colored surfboard and showed us a few tricks while Stella snoozed in the Simple Wrap. We then headed down the beach to check out the rock cliffs and find a few shells, Ozzy leading the way while Stella now rode on Tanner’s back.  Before heading out, we got food truck recommendations and high fives from Ozzy and Stella.  

The Beestons are beloved by their fans and us here at Lalabu and it’s easy to see why. We hope to visit this magical family again. Aloha. 

Lo's Favorite Lalabu

“The wrap feels like I’m not wearing anything, it’s so comfortable, it’s like a hug around us and I really love it.”