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Simple Wrap Tutorial

Get the beauty and softness of a wrap without the complexity. Forget the rigid bulkiness of a structured carrier, yet keep the stability and form. Clip at the waist, put your arms through the straps, tuck in your sweet baby, and go.

The Simple Wrap is designed for babies from 4 months to 2 years of age, from 13 to 28lbs.

Threading Straps For Front Carry

“3 to 6 months” label should face you. Cross the straps to make an X and thread each strap through both rings from the inside to the outside.
Loop the strap back over the outside ring then under and through the inside ring. Do this on each side.You can leave the straps threaded between uses.

How To Wear The Waistbelt

Position the belt at your natural waist. Adjust to a snug fit. For 3-6 month fit, fold the belt twice. The 3-6 month label will then be touching your waist while wearing with the arrow pointing up.
For 6+ months, do not fold the belt. Simply buckle the belt with the label touching your waist and the arrow pointing up.

Front Carry

Clip the belt at your natural waist.
The wrap will be hanging in front of you.
Hold your baby against your chest and lift both fabric straps up and over you and your baby's head.
Slide your arm between the straps on both sides. When doing this, the strap going into the rings should be on the outside.
Pull the tails to tighten the straps and raise baby up. You should be able to kiss the top of your baby's head.
Spread the fabric to maximize comfort. Spreading the fabric across your shoulders and back evens the load on your body.
*It can be helpful to have a partner or friend assist you in doing this.
You can pull the head support up on both or one side.
To Remove: Loosen the straps at the rings. You can do this by pushing the two rings forward with one hand while pulling some fabric out with the other. Then reverse the steps of how you put your baby on.
Lift the straps back over your head. Once your baby is out of the wrap, release the buckle and stow for next time.

Need Support?

We've got you covered. Read through our FAQs or schedule a one-on-one with our care team to make sure you have the right fit.

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"The Simple Wrap the perfect combination of structure and stretch! It makes baby-wearing easy, comfortable, and stylish! My 9 month old absolutely LOVES this product and so do I. Recommending this to all of my mom friends!"

– Catherine M.