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The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. You can wear it as a nursing tank daily the entire time you breastfeed. For many mamas, that's a year or more.

The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. For most babies, that's at least for the first 3-4 months (some longer!) The shirt can also be worn without a baby, and no one will notice!

The pouch does support much of your newborn's weight, however, we still recommend that you always keep one hand on the baby while they are in the pouch.

Like carriers, it does distribute the child's weight across the upper body, securing your child and taking the weight off of your arms. Our desire is that it promotes mom-baby bonding and actively doing life together.  This is encouraged through having a cozy pouch and nursing top available at all times.  Mom and baby enjoy the benefits of babywearing while baby is in the pouch, and the Soothe Shirt makes breastfeeding more convenient even in public so you are more likely to do it.

Please order your pre-pregnancy shirt size when purchasing a new Soothe Shirt. Order your normal shirt size for Dad Shirts. For more details, visit our sizing guide here.

You should remove the baby from the pouch before nursing. The built-in nursing bra makes it easy to transition from holding the baby to nursing.

When designing the pouch, we were very intentional about making sure it met the needs of the newborn - to be close and secure to their mom in a position that's best for their growing body. Because of that, babies need to be upright facing toward the mom while in the pouch (tummy to tummy). There are other products on the market that hold babies sideways or forward facing, but our research found those positions to be more hazardous for newborns - so we avoided them.

The ultra soft fabric we use is custom milled just for the Soothe Shirt.  It’s made with incredible recovery properties so it won't get loose even after months of use.  I wore my son in the pouch until he was 4-5 months old and then used it as a nursing tank until he weaned more than a year later.  You would never know the pouch was there, even after all that use.

The main body fabric is a custom milled polyester, rayon, spandex blend.  There is a mesh fabric that covers the midsection in both shirts for heat transfer and temperature regulation. The Soothe Shirt's bra panel is a soft and absorbent micro modal.

For now, only one baby can be in the pouch at a time. We've gotten lots of great feedback from other twin mamas though that they still love their Soothe Shirt even though babies need to take turns in the pouch! Another option is getting both the Soothe Shirt for mom + the Dad Shirt. It's the perfect way to be able to wear both of your littles at the same time!

The first thing to consider is how many weeks postpartum you are. Since your whole body has been expanding during pregnancy, we recommend waiting to try a different size three to four weeks after giving birth. This will allow your milk supply to regulate and your body to shrink back to normal a bit. 

Also, it's good to remember that your Soothe Shirt is meant to fit snug since it is not only a shirt but also supports the weight of your baby. It helps to think of your Soothe Shirt as similar to the feeling of a shapewear garment- supportive but comfortable. 

The best way to try on the Soothe Shirt is actually different than you might think- it's by stepping INTO the shirt, instead of trying to pull it over your head. This way, you can easily pull the shirt up, and slide your arms through the armholes. Then the bra panels will be in place and the elastic should sit under your bust. 

If you can, wait until you are fully 3 weeks postpartum, and then try the shirt on. If it still feels uncomfortably tight, please reach out to our Customer Care Team and we will help you! :)

The built-in nursing bra has a soft elastic band across the bottom which provides support. There are two layers of fabric, the bra panels and the pouch which provide great coverage and shape.  The bra panel is made of micro modal fabric that is soft and absorbent. 

To use the nursing bra, simply pull the pouch down and move the bra panel to the side.  One thing I love about nursing while using the Soothe Shirt is that it covers my tummy and back while breastfeeding. I don't have to struggle to pull my shirt up over my breasts or keep it off my baby's face.

For many moms, it's actually easier to step into the shirt and pull it up, instead of trying to put it over your head. To do this, carefully step into the Shirt, pull it up over your hips, and slide your arms through the armholes. This way the bra will slide into place, and you don't have to get the snug-fitting Shirt over your shoulders (which are sometimes wider than your hips). You can take the Soothe Shirt off in the opposite way: slide the bra panels off, pull the Shirt down your body, and step out.

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