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So excited!

I can't wait to be able to wear my soothe shirt! My son will be 17 months old when my baby girl is born so I'm looking forward to easy baby wearing while still tending to my son! I only wish I had known about this shirt when my son was born! Shipping was really quick too!

Best newborn carrier!

I have been wearing mine non-stop since I had my daughter. She loves it and it's been so handy for doing chores around the house and going for short walks in the neighborhood. It's also super easy to nurse in and looks cute too. I love it so much I just bought a second one!

Great leggings!

I LOVE how supportive and comfortable these leggings are! I wore them the day I got home from the hospital and feel so good when I wear them! The snug (but not too tight) waist is perfect and the thickness of the fabric makes me feel covered! For reference - pre-maternity I was a 12/14 bottom and at the end of the pregnancy, I was a solid 14. I bought an XL and they are perfect.

5 star

A Little Radical Giveaway Winner!

Amazing product!

I can not say enough about these shirts! I only found them when I was expecting #5! What a game changer this shirt is. My daughter and I lived in the Soothe shirts for atleast her first 2 months, it was an easy comfortable way to keep her close. I am currently expecting #6 and I have already ordered 3 more shirts and some leggings that I can wait to wear as soon as she is born! Thanks so much!!

Not custom enough fit

The top is not adjustable at all so I don't see how this works for anyone! The fit was terrible for me. Loose in the chest and tight in the tummy. My 8+ pound baby could not fit in the pouch.

Picture to follow...

My purchase was for two Soothe Shirts - one for my daughter and one for her best friend who are expecting two months apart. The best friend will be arriving here in Texas in late July from California for my daughter's baby shower. The Soothe Shirts will be given to both while they are together! I can't wait. I'm certain that both will LOVE the shirts! Although they will not be trying them on yet, we will be taking pictures of the girls holding the shirts and enjoying this special time to be friends!

Charcoal Gray Leggings

I am very pleased with not only the leggings but the customer service as well! They went above and beyond to look into something for me and for me, quick and kind replies go a long way. Now for the leggings, they're amazing! They're thick and tight and I just feel nicely held in. I'm 7 weeks postpartum and really appreciate the snug feel :) I can't wait for the black to be back in stock!

Best ever!

I saw a lady wearing this shirt and asked her about it. So glad I did. This is one of the best purchases I have made since having a baby. My baby loves it and it makes getting out much easier when it is just me.

Love them!

They hold in my c section tummy great!!



I had an amazing and fortunate opportunity to review one of the best baby wearing product out in the market created by LALABU. It's basically a stretchy soft cotton shirt with a pouch (Just like how kangaroos wear their off spring!) The thin cotton material is especially great for those hot summer months where you want to keep your baby cool.

At first I was extremely skeptical for many reasons. I was slightly against baby wearing because I thought it was a sleep prop, secondly I couldn't imagine that it would be secure enough for the baby and lastly I thought a product like this was to good to be true!

Let me start by debunking my first concern. My daughter absolutely loves when I wear her. As soon as I put her in my shirt she immediately falls right asleep. I was concerned that she wouldn't fall asleep on her own while be swaddled however this was completely false.

Keeping my new born on a sleep schedule/routine is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me and this shirt helped me accomplish just that during certain times of my day. (Especially witching hour)

With an active 3 year old running around I found this was a life saver primarily when I didn't have time to soothe my daughter in her crib. This Baby wearing shirt was particularly helpful while I was cooking, playing outside in the park with my daughter, running errands, and even exercising!

I found the lalabu shirt even more securing then my expensive baby wearing sling and so much easier to put on then my wraps and ergo baby i previously owned. I TRIED THEM ALL!

I was looking for sometime that I could quickly slip on without fussing with endless wrapping materiel and buckles. This product delivered! I really can't say enough about this shirt! I highly recommend it to any mom looking for comfort, convenience, and security while baby wearing.

Love these!

Great quality. Super comfy! Hold my postpartum belly in very well. I wish I would have gotten them sooner. I definitely be purchasing these as a gift for others!

Leggings from heaven

These are not leggings... they're the skins of angels sent from heaven and made to fit your legs and post-partum tummy. They're the BEST pants/leggings on the market. Worth every penny and I will definitely be purchasing another pair during the next sale. Treat yo self!

First time dad

My husband has been wearing our baby around since we got home from the hospital on Saturday. He loves being able to have him with him and feel close to him. It makes for great bonding time. Thank you Lalabu!!

Excellent customer service

When I went to order my leggings they didn't have my size, so when I emailed the lalabu team I quickly got a answer and was helped right away with my order. I couldn't have asked for better care from the lalabu team.

Absolutely Love

I absolutely love my soothe shirt and everywhere I go, new moms ask me about it and say they wish they had one.

I tried to do a wrap with my first daughter and I could never get it together. I'm not very coordinated and I was plagued with self-doubt and fear that she would fall. For this reason, I never wore her much and was sad about it.

Now with my second daughter, I wear her in the Soothe Shirt all the time and LOVE it. It is SO easy and I'm never worried that I'm "doing it wrong". My husband also has the Dad Shirt and wears her around the house when he's taking care of our toddler. We're both super happy with our purchases.

One note on sizing: I fit the Small on the sizing chart due to my bust size, but when I got it, it felt uncomfortably tight. I knew it was supposed to feel tight, but this was too much. Luckily the customer service is excellent and they let me order a Medium and try on both at home before choosing which one to keep. As soon as I put the Medium on, I knew it was perfect. I'm 5'3" and was 116 pound pre-pregnancy but am now hovering around 140 post-partum. Bust size is 34 underneath and 37 across.


I received my shirt and the packaging alone was just amazing I can't wait until my lil guy arrives to place him in this special shirt. Pictures soon to come

You need this!

Perfect for getting things done with a newborn. Recently wore while traveling via airplane and made going through security and boarding easy. I'm 5'9" and 180# and bought an XL. Fits great!

Love this shirt !!

I love my lalabu shirt! My little guy is6 weeks old and loves to snuggle in the shirt going for walks. It is easy to just transfer him into the shirt when we are out and about and take him out to nurse. Love this shirt! I only wish my baby grew slower so I could get more use out of it.

Love love Love

This shirt is great, I wish I had a few if them, my 3 week old loves this and it puts him right to sleep or at least keeps him calm being so close on me.


This shirt fits my husband and baby perfectly! We were so impressed with the quality! Thanks Lalabu!

Leggings are the best!

These leggings are so comfortable yet supportive! They are a perfect fit whether you're postpartum or not because of the great stretch.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

I had previously purchased a Soothe Shirt in black for our third child and now for our fourth child I've purchased the Soothe Shirt in gray. I love this shirt! It is so wonderful and easy to use as a nursing shirt, but I especially love the ease & convenience of being able to wear my little one snug & cozy against my chest and have hands-free mobility while being a multi-tasking, homeschooling mom to my busy, young children. The simplicity of using this amazing pouch to carry my infants is soooooo much better than the complicated wraps I have used in the past. I highly recommend the Soothe Shirt.

5 star

Soothe Shirt® Pure Black

Total game changer!!!

Where had this shirt been all my life? I just had my fourth child almost 7 weeks ago and this has been the best thing EVER. So much easier than fussing with a Moby wrap or anything else. Just drop their little bottom into the pocket and they fall right to sleep. It's super comfortable, easy to nurse in, easy to put baby in, and made post partum recovery so much better!

I thought I would need a small based on my prepregnancy size and breast size, but I ended up needing a medium. My nursing chest size is 34B/C so a medium is a little roomy in the chest but fits perfect everywhere else. (I'm 5'2" and currently around 150lbs) I wouldn't recommend getting a small unless you look like the model. I don't know about you, but I didn't look like her after giving birth. LOL!

I just wish I had this shirt with my first three kids because it's definitely a game changer. There is nothing else like this on the market.

For reference, my son is almost 7 weeks old and over 10 pounds and he still fits in the pocket perfectly. It's plenty supportive and comfortable for him still. I think we'll get at least another 8 weeks of use out of this shirt. The amount of convenience this shirt has added to my life is priceless. I highly recommend it!!!!!

True to size

I haven't tried the shirt with a baby yet. All i can say is that the product arrived in expected size and shape. It serms well built but i expected the fabric to be more breathable.

Hey Emilie! Thanks so much for leaving a review. We can't wait for you to experience the sweetness of wearing a Soothe Shirt with a baby. :) The soft, stretchy fabric that composes most of the Soothe Shirt is the best fabric we have found to support the weight of a baby while also being comfortable for mom. Hopefully this tank will be the perfect option for your climate! Don't forget that we added the mesh panel on the inside of the pouch to help with this same issue! We think you're going to love it. :)

Game changer! I love my lalabu soothe shirt. Its so quick and convenient and the shirt is flattering to wear even when no longer babt wearing so I will probably keep mine even afterwards!


I purchased a soothe shirt for both me and my husband. My husband loves his!! I was pregnant when I ordered them, so I ordered mine based off the measurements chart... I was right on the edge of a M or L, so of course I ordered the M!! I gave birth 7 days ago, and the M is still a bit to tight, especially with my big milk boobies. I can't wait to use it to wear him so I am going to order a large to wear until I lose the rest of my baby weight!!

Dad loves it!!!

Fits true to size, he wears an XL and I ordered him an XL. It does run a little bit short, but it does its job well and he loves wearing baby!!

Excited for my soothe shirt!

I'm 7.5 months pregnant, so I can't tell the true fit of the soothe shirt yet, but you can tell it is really well made and the baby will definitely be secure in it. I'm so excited to wear the shirt (and my baby!) in just a few months!

Very excited For baby wearing

I am currently pregnant, approaching my 3rd trimester so I have not had the opportunity to use the soothe shirt yet. It feels really soft to the touch so I hope its as confortable as it feels but I cant wait and am very excited to put it to use.


IT'S comfortable for me and my baby seems so calm when she's so close to me. I'm glad I made this purchase.

Great for C-Section recovery

I loved my first pair of tights so much that I bought a second pair! The control top is tight enough to hold everything in, but more comfortable to me than tummy wraps. They are definitely tight, but in a good way to make everything feel secure. For reference, I was a size small pre-pregnancy and the medium tights fit perfect post-partum.

So Worth Loving

After seeing the so worth loving soothe shirt I absolutely had to have it for my little one. I was even more excited to find out that it meant I was worth love not just my peanut, as I originally thought. Having a reminder like that every time I wear it means the world to me.

Awesome idea executed flawlessly!

I love that this shirt is available for men period, but the quality is better than I could have ever expected. Amazing customer service as well. No need to hesitate to purchase!

Speedy Delivery

I am impressed by how fast my order came! I have not tried my Soothe Shirt on yet because I am due with baby #4 in August. I can't WAIT to carry my new baby in it!! Thank you! -Desiree

So excited for this I bought 2

I have my baby in about 50 days and have babycarried before with my first. Seeing how convenient this carrier is and how complicated some carriers can be, I opted to try it out. I couldn't decide between gray and blue so I bought both and got a great price on both. Next I'll get another for me and maybe one for my hubby. I nursed my last for almost 2 years so I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this shirt.

This company rocks!

We haven't had a chance to use our dad shirt yet (still preggo) but the shirt looks like great quality and will definetly come in handy! Also can't say enough how quick add easy it was for my order, when I had questions they got back to me right away! Will definetly order the soothe shirt now! Thank you!

Grey lalabu leggings

Love them! Leggings are thick and compression panel is comfortable.

5 star

Worth every penny!!!!!

Best gift for mom and baby

I can think of no better purchase for the price. Both mom and baby get equal use and they both love it. Best gift ever!

Love Lalabu!

I'm a first time mom to my now 7 week old baby girl. I saw Lalabu somewhere on instagram and had my MIL buy my first shirt for me in large. I wore Leighton at 4 days to the tile store and home depot! And many other places, including hour and a half long church services since. Having lost most of my baby weight. I ordered a second shirt in a medium. I knew the large was too big because she was sliding down my chest and it was comfy but i wasn't getting much support. The medium is perfectly snug now. Love this shirt and have recommended to my friends. Thank you!


Can't wait to pass it on

Best Gift!!!

I just received this as a gift from Dad for the birth of my third daughter and it is AMAZING!!! The yoga pants help my csection pain and the top is perfect for bonding time with my baby girl. No crazy straps or buckles to deal with, it's just part of me! I really wish these had been around for my first two babies!

5 star

Soothe Shirt® SWL Special Ed.

Perfect for keeping baby snuggled

I recently received my soothe shirt and my 2 week old loves the closeness and comfort of the material. I also own a Tula ( she is too little for and the infant insert wasn't snuggled enough for her). It's breathable and very comfortable to wear. Placing the baby inside the shirt is pretty easy and getting her legs comfortable isn't a task. I ordered another because the summer is coming and it will be great to have multiple. Highly recommend for mammas with littles

Love the Shirt

I tried to use a Boba wrap a few times before throwing it to the side in frustration. I liked the concept but it is incredibly tedious to use and, often, results in a less than ideal hold for the baby. The Lalabu Dad Shirt is great. It fits me well, fits the baby well, looks great, and is really easy to use. The only minor complaint is that it can get fairly warm, especially for a short-sleeve T-Shirt; however, this is even worse with a Boba wrap...


This is my second purchase. My first did not fit, so I took advantage of the exchange policy. Exchange was effortless and new shirt fits great. It's so easy and comfortable to carry my baby. I greatly appreciate that my back feels great. It's also very easy to breastfeed while baby is in pouch. Highly recommended!

love them!

really love the compression panel and the fact that you can't see through the fabric but wish the leggings came in a full length option. over all i would highly recommend these leggings!

My baby loves this shirt!

I originally bought a ktan for my baby (currently 4 weeks) but she's still a bit small for it, not yet 8 lbs. This shirt is perfect for her, it's super tight on you but keeps baby snug and I felt like she was very secure in there. She just goes to sleep whenever I put her in it.