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Reviews from real parents and verified Lalabu customers.
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So helpful

This shirt is amazing and a life saver! I have twins so when both are fussy I can stick on in the soothe shirt and take care of her sister. I will definitely purchase more!

This is wonderful to hear, Olivia! We are so glad!
The best!!

Super comfortable, better than any other similar product in the market. You´ll never loose time, is very easy to use it. Thank you so much for creating this amazing product.

Baby relaxer

Dad was really happy about the gift and baby relaxes even in a crying fit. The fabric is quite thick which makes the pouch feel safe but a bit warm for dad. Quite expensive but money’s worth.

Cozy baby

The shirt was hard to get on at first and I thought maybe I needed a larger size. I looked at the sizing guide again though and I had the right size according to that. After wearing it with the baby for a while, it felt much more comfortable and baby wa cozy. This would be awesome for traveling rather than bringing a bulky carrier. I like it. I'm glad I bought 2.

Good shirt

I bought this shirt for my wife, looks good and feel good made out of high-quality material. The shirt didn't fit but we're in contact with customer support, there so nice and friendly thanks.

Perfect new shirt

I ordered the dad shirt and absolutely loved it. It fits good and it's very comfortable made out of high-quality material. Thanks I'm one happy Dad.

Daddy's New Favorite Shirt

This shirt has made having my husband help with our newborn so much easier, and more comfortable. We have wraps and carriers too, but the shirt is by far the best option, and our baby prefers it over everything. She slips right in and enjoys dad's body warmth while he moves and works about the house. Allowing me time to take care of other important things around the house, or even sleep! With the holidays in full swing, this shirt has become a daily must.

Baby and I love it

I wear the shirt all the time! I had to get second one. It’s so comfortable to wear all day long and fashionable. I get compliments all the time. It’s supportive for long wearing sessions. I recommend to all of my pregnant friends.


This is an incredibly helpful and well-made shirt!

Perfect shirt

This was a great present to surprise my brother with. I even bought one for myself when i become an uncle. We cant wait to try these out with baby girl!

Simple & easy

Love how it’s simple and easy to use compared to all the other wraps. Very great quality as well. I purchased one for myself and my my husband. Unfortunately for the sizing it’s a little confusing. I went by the measurements and got a S. The small ended up not fitting correctly for me. I ended up washing it before I tried it on so I can’t exchange it. That was the only downfall for me

New mom must!

Absolutely love this shirt! I only wish I ordered it before my daughter was born so I could have used it immediately! I love being able to safely carry my baby while being able to also be productive around the house and more present with my 4 year old while getting all the baby cuddles at the same time! Highly recommend!


My son is 8 weeks old and gets very colicky in the evenings. When I put him in the soothe shirt and bounce he falls right to sleep. I wish I would have bought this earlier.

This product is AWESOME!!

I bought two of these for my daughter and she loves them!! They are so easy! She used to have one of those wrap things that took almost two people to put on, wrapping it around her waist, front, back, off to the side, then had to figure out the best way to place the baby in it. This is so EASY to place the baby right inside and it's a perfect fit for both baby and mom!! I wish these were invented before because they are an awesome way to carry your infant around close to you with ease and comfort! I hope there are more colors available soon. I will for sure purchase these as gifts for new moms!!! Great invention!!!

Amazing Soothe Shirt

Ordered 2 of these shirts as my daughters are both pregnant with delivery dates 2 weeks apart. (I had found a better deal but when they came they were knock offs of this shirt!) Returned them and bought the real thing! The fabric on these shirts is so much heavier! Especially important as they support precious babies! So thrilled with them! Great idea!

Great for nursing!

I bought the shirt and absolutely love it. It is perfect for taking little one through the airport and on the plane. It is super easy to nurse in too - which helps when traveling!

One happy daughter-in-law

I sent 2 soothe shirts to my daughter-in-law, and she was very happy with her gift...just in time for baby number 2.

New favorite item

Love these leggings! I would say they are more on the light weight side of fabric. They hold everything in but at the same dont feel too constricting. Im 5'8 155lbs. They come all the way down to my ankle. I love that they aren't see thru! Im 6 months post partum and have a small baby pouch, and with the high waist in these I feel super comfortable lifting carseats and babies with mid rise shirts.

Can't wait to use!

Just received my Lalabu and can't wait till my baby gets here so I can try it out! The material is very strong and stretchy and I have no doubt that it will cradle the baby perfectly.

Nothing Like It!

I love these soothe shirts. I bought my daughter one for her and her new baby. When I went to visit I got to use it myself while watching the baby for her. He was so comfortable and so snuggly he went right to sleep and stayed her way for awhile. It was wonderful to be hands free and have him be calm and comfy...would highly recommend it to any new mom- just be sure to take the correct measurements!
Also when I ordered the shirt my computer messed up and put the wrong billing address. I contacted the company and they were on it- they responded right away and then even followed up with me. I was amazed- especially in this day and age of non personal connection. I so appreciate the fact that they took the time to reach out. Great company to do business with!

Changed order

The morning after I placed my order, I wanted to make a change. I sent an email and got an immediate response assuring me that the change would be made. The same day, I got an email letting me know my order had shipped. When it arrived it was exactly what I wanted. What great customer service! My daughter loves your leggings!

New favorite leggings

I’m going to get several more pairs of these, because I want to wear them every day. They’re super high waisted (and I have a long torso.) They’re thick enough to wear as pants, but thin enough to be comfortable. Not see through! And they hug in the postpartum poof and don’t irritate my csection incision. LOVE.

Best leggings for after a c-section

I am 28 years old and just had my first baby. I love wearing sun dresses and girly outfits (no sweats for me) but all my leggings laid right on my scar and I was getting so frustrated. When I saw these I had to try them. Honestly best decision I ever made. They hug me in just the right places and hold all that leftover baby baggage in. They are thick and warm and super comfortable. Also, I can bend over when baby throws her toys on the floor in the store without everyone seeing my underwear!! Def would recommend to all young moms (and old) who are constantly on the go and want to look good doing it

Great gift

Purchased for my wife, great gift and product.

Great leggings!!

These leggings are super comfy and hold you in right places. The only issue i had was that there’s a lot of material at the bottom. I’m 5’3 and got a Large.