Hi! We're Keri and Brian

The husband and wife team behind Lalabu. As parents to four children, we have fallen in love with the ancestral tradition of babywearing.  After the birth of our first child however, we quickly realized that the carrier options were not always easy to use.  We decided to change all that and went to work crafting the first-ever babywearing shirt for both moms and dads.  Our Soothe Shirt and Dad Shirt are now top of the list for modern families around the world who want an easy transition into babywearing.  It’s our hope that our babywearing products will give you the support and confidence you’re searching for in this beautiful season of life. -Brian + Keri

Our Story

The Soothe Shirt & Dad Shirt

One day Brian had a breakthrough, he asked, “What if your clothing was the gear and you didn’t have to learn how to use it? You could wear it and it would always be there when you needed it.” This epiphany led to prototype after prototype. After much testing with our own son, the Soothe Shirt was born. Moms went crazy over it, and it wasn’t long before parents started asking for a dad version of our shirt.

Prototype with our firstborn 2012

It has been such an honor to have the opportunity to impact so many lives through simple babywearing. We know it’s the best start in life for mom, dad, and baby. It is our genuine desire that our products allow you to enjoy more special moments with your child.

Keri and Brian